Jerry D. Twentier

Since the founding of e-Vine Interactive Library in 2008, Jerry has served as Vice- President for this non-profit corporation. However, his most significant project began in 2017 when he designed “GOSPEL,” a 21st century Bible Study in a digital format. It’s been 55 years since the original Search for Truth Home Bible Study was first introduced. Obviously, we’re way over-due to reframe the Gospel in a fresh, innovative digital format for today’s audience.

Tremendous creative energy and resources have been poured into this 4+ year project. Jerry has commissioned actors, professional artists, purchased artwork and shopped image houses from all over to acquire more than 1,500 illustrations never seen before. Since 2018, he has personally prepared for this assignment by travelling to Israel, Italy, Greece, and Egypt—major countries mentioned in the Bible.

Designed with all new art illustrations, more than 350 slides are fully animated with video, music, sound effects and instructor-led narration. For those who are hesitant to teach, all you have to do is turn on your digital device … smile—and the lessons will be taught by an audio Bible teacher! Or if you prefer to teach it yourself, turn the volume down and start talking!

It’s never been easier to share the Gospel with someone you know! This GOSPEL series can be viewed through projection or any digital device. We’re also making plans to translate GOSPEL into multiple languages so that the “Good News” can penetrate countries via cyberspace that are now closed to Christianity.

Your Cost for “GOSPEL”:
Copies Price Total
Purchased Per Copy Sale
1 $ 75.00 ea. $ 75.00
10 65.00 ea. 650.00
25 55.00 ea. 1375.00
50 45.00 ea. 2250.00
100 35.00 ea. 3500.00

Discount Prices for Groups of 10 or more:

To qualify for a group discount, contact your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, Sunday School class or church members, youth group, pastor of another church, leader of a church organization—or your social media “friends” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If you can form a group of 10, 25, 50, or 100 people who are interested in purchasing GOSPEL, each person in the group will automatically receive a reduced price.

My Donation:

We will also donate a free copy of GOSPEL in your name to: an orphanage, homeless shelter, prison ministry, missionary, Christian school or home school, as follows:

Total Sale
$ 75.00 ea.
$ 75.00
1 copy donated to any of the above
65.00 ea.
5 copies donated to any of the above
55.00 ea.
12 copies donated to any of the above

For every purchase of 1, 10, or 25 copies of GOSPEL, we will donate 1, 5, or 12 free copies in your name to the orphanage, homeless shelter, prison ministry, missionary, Christian school, or home school of your choice—or we’ll make that selection for you.

Jerry D. Twentier


For more than 40 years, Jerry Twentier has been active in public, private and corporate training environments. As a writer, consultant and professional public speaker, he holds a BS degree in Education from Texas Tech University.

After relocating to Houston, Texas, he was employed at Search for Truth Publications. Working with Ron and Marcella Willhoite, he became actively involved in producing Sunday School literature and a variety of Christian training materials.

In 1985, he was co-author with Marcella of a new and improved full-color Bible study—“Light for Living Home Bible Study.” This updated course was then translated, published, and distributed by missionaries in several other nations.

After leaving Search for Truth as a full-time employee, he continued to work with Ron and Marcella on numerous projects, while expanding his talents in a variety of training programs with other business organizations.

Author of The Positive Power of Praising People and other titles, he has conducted extensive human relations and performance improvement training in Central and South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. His signature book has been translated into multiple languages and has currently sold over 100,000 copies. It has been personally endorsed by Dear Abby, Mary Kay, Jack Canfield, Pat Boone, Ken Blanchard and Anthony Robbins.

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How Did You Hear About “GOSPEL”?

Send us the information for “My Donation” (below) and a copy of GOSPEL Bible Study will be sent—in your name—to the orphanage, homeless shelter, prison ministry, missionary, Christian school, or home school of your choice.


A copy of “GOSPEL” will be sent—in my name—to the orphanage, homeless shelter, prison, missionary, Christian school, or home school of my choice—as follows:

Instructions for Group Leaders

If you are the leader of a group of 10 or 25 people, please write the name, email, and phone for each person who will receive a copy of GOSPEL. When every part of this section is completed, press “SUBMIT.” The Billing Information for “GOSPEL Payment” will then appear on your screen.