Mission Statement:

To encourage visitors of all ages to experience the joy of learning and productive living by offering an array of exciting, interactive publications — at no charge to the viewer.

Our Vision:

Far from housing dusty volumes on a bookshelf, e-Vine (Ventures-In-Net-Education) is committed to provide online visitors of every age and ethnicity with numerous opportunities to learn and grow. Included in this unique library are thousands of articles, stories, lessons, poetry, recipes, videos, puppet shows, children’s activities, and much more.

The contents of our library have a fresh appeal for Children, Youth, Adults, and those with special needs (Challengers). But our primary goal is to provide information that will:

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"Point" System

To encourage members to read, e-Vine offers an appealing “point system” for learners of all ages.

For example, after reading an article or watching a video, members will complete a quiz to test their comprehension. Upon completing the quiz, a score will be visible. If the score is 70 or above, points will be awarded. The number of points earned is the same as the score (a score of 90 will earn 90 points). All points will be posted on member’s personal page and can be redeemed for valuable rewards (see REWARD page).

Our Staff:

The core production team is a gifted, culturally diverse group of professionals who reside in Houston, Texas. However, current technologies allow writers, graphic designers, and programmers to contribute remotely from around the world.

Because of these skillful individuals, a complete line of interactive material is accessible to viewers—free of charge! Only a small administrative team is compensated.

Publications in the e-Vine Library are produced by a host of authors. Links are provided to showcase their contributions and allow e-Vine users to purchase material directly from their websites.

Directors and Advisory Board

Board of Directors:

Marcella Willhoite, Founder & President
Jerry Twentier, Vice President
Diana Jones, Treasurer
Dr. Nimmy Zachariah, Secretary & Children's Director
Debbie Vaught, Marketing Director
Iris Flores, Director of Adult Section
Victor Flores, Director of Youth Section
Gayla Wingate, Director of Challengers (Special Needs)
Charles Measner, Infrastructure Support

Advisory Board:

Finney Chacko
Irvin Clark
Phyllis Clark
Susana De la Fuente
Ralphena Dodson
Jason Forgey
Dr. R. Heard
Joshua Osime
Scott Stanwix

Contact e-Vine Library

Mailing Address:

e-Vine Interactive Library, Inc.
11727 E. Sam Houston Parkway N.
Houston, TX 77044
Information: admin@evine.org
Tech Support: topdev0715@gmail.com

If you have questions concerning e-Vine and would like a representative to contact you, please provide the following information: